On a recent trip to London, at the British Museum, I found a Bible dated from 1699 that used pictures instead of words.  Clearly, the idea of using pictures to help illustrate biblical concepts is not a new one.  Rather, I am standing on the shoulders of many who went before me.  However, I am hoping that BIBLEGLYPHICS updates this concept with fresh new images that will speak to a new generation.


Bringing this updated concept to life has only been possible with the help of many hands.  Many of the clip concepts were heavily borrowed from Pastor Gary R. Linn of ChildrensMinistry.org., who generously gave us his blessings.  Ryan Bartholmae of Sealing Industries created a game board prototype that was ultimately developed by Jim Boeing of K&L Looseleaf, who was an absolute delight to work with, and insured the final game board met CPSC lead-free and phthalate-free requirements. Shawn Russell created initial artwork and Jack Foster has stuck with me with on-going grace upon grace and fortitude to bring the artwork home. I hope you agree his artwork has a touch of humor, warmth and engagement that I believe will attract children of all ages.  Shuffled Ink walked me through the whole printing process and even lowered their minimum run requirements to get cards produced.  And of course, the world’s best husband financed the whole project, and even when income was limited, encouraged me to move forward.  Thank you all for the part you played in this project.


Finally, Lord, I believe you are the One who whispered in my ear to take this project on.  I ask for your blessing on it, and that you would use your word to bring many to You.