Game Objective

The objective is to be the first player/team to correctly solve the puzzle by deciphering the Bible verse the pictures reveal.  It is our prayer this game will be a tool in learning God’s Word through play.

Game Setup

Print out one of the 52 puzzles from the Bibleglyphics CD contained in the Puzzle folder. (Within the Puzzle Folder are two folders.  Pick a puzzle from the Bible Verse folder if you are looking for a particular verse for participants to solve.  Pick a puzzle from the Numbered Puzzle folder if you want to select an unknown puzzle to solve.)

Also print out the Answer Guide, and the Hint Sheet (The Answer Guide and Hint Sheet only need to be printed out once, and then can be kept with the game).  Each puzzle will consist of 6 pages.  Put page one in the top left hand corner of the inner pocket of the game board.  Put page two in the middle upper pocket of the game board.  Put the third page in the top right hand corner of the game board.  Put page 4 in the lower left hand corner of the game board.  Put page 5 in the lower middle pocket of the game board.  Put page 6 in the bottom right hand corner.

Put the Match Cards in the outer pockets of the game board.  Each Match Card is double sided and players can select either side they would like to use, just make sure each card has a match.  (Selecting Match Cards that apply to current or past lessons may allow opportunities to use the picture as a quick review of key points of the lesson during the game.)

Put the Number Cards in the same outer pockets but in front of the Match Cards.  Card Number 1 should be placed in the upper left hand corner of the outer pocket.  Card Number 2 should be placed in the upper row, immediately to the right of the Number 1 pocket.   Card Number 3 should be placed in the upper right hand corner.  Follow this same pattern, with Card Number 5 starting the second row, Card Number 9 starting the third row, Card Number 13 staring the fourth row, Card Number 17 staring the fifth row, and Card Number 21 starting the bottom row.

Playing the Game

The first player pulls out two number cards (or just calls out those numbers and a moderator can pull out the cards).  If there is a match, the two match cards are also pulled out, revealing two pieces of the puzzle.  If there is no match, the Number Cards are placed back in the pockets and it is the next player’s turn.  If the player has found a match, he gets another turn.  If a player is unsure of what a clip is, he is allowed to look at the Hint Sheet at any time.   (We have also included a clip dictionary, so each part of a clip is identified and explained.) The puzzle is read left to right, line by line, across the whole game board like one large page.

At the end of any turn, a player can announce he wants to attempt to solve the puzzle. The player then guesses the verse and reference of the puzzle. (If there is a moderator, the moderator determines if the guess is correct by checking the Answer Guide for that puzzle and announces if there is a winner or if play continues.)  If there is no moderator, the player who has guessed looks at the Answer Guide and determines if he has guessed correctly and if so, has won the game.  If the guess is incorrect, he is eliminated and play continues with remaining players. 

Answer Guide

Each puzzle has a label code in the bottom middle of each page.  That code matches a Bible verse and reference that is revealed on the Answer Guide.  Puzzles are based on the 2011 NIV translation.

Hint Sheet

Players can look at the hint sheet if they are having difficulty deciphering a clip.  If players are still stuck, the moderator can look at the Answer Guide to give hints.

Wishing you much F1 (fun) while you decipher God’s Word!  God Bless.